This blog is full of music, photography and the
things that I love, it says everything about my
The Beatles, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys
and Pearl Jam are just a few of my favorites.
The background is a photo I took while at
the Roger Waters concert. I hope you enjoy :)
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April 19th 14 · 0 notes Concidering things I never thought I would.

Im in love what else can I say.


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I don’t miss that time in my life. I dont miss you.
I love that point in a relationship when you’re so in love that when you see other hot people you’re just like ‘Yeah they’re hot, but mine is better.’With only you baby.
I was hooked even before I knew it.


the end has no end ||
Finding that person who truely accepts you and doesn’t pretend to and tries to ‘improve’ you.